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Drawing and Painting Course


Join our drawing and painting course.


Beginner and Intermediate level.

Beginners level:

The subject of class:

Class themes include life drawing, portraits, still life and landscapes, human figures and animal life etc….


These classes are aimed towards those with an interest in creating art but have never taken art classes, or for those who have taken art classes in the past and wish to revisit/sharpen their skills.

How will you learn?

By exploring tools, equipment, and techniques

By demonstration and instructions

By independent practical activities and experimentation

By carrying out critical evaluations of your own work, and the work of others.

What will you Achieve upon Completion of the Course?

The step-by-step, progressive nature of the classes will allow students to easily acquire and improve basic drawing and painting techniques. By the end of the course, students will have a solid comprehension of structure, different media, approaches in the 2-dimensional format and the motivation to develop their new craft.

Variety of art media:

  • Drawing media: Charcoals, pencils, and pastels.
  • Painting media: Watercolors, acrylic paints, oil paints.


Intermediate level:

Drawing sessions

Introduction to drawing  and drawing mediums:

  • Holding drawing mediums correctly
  • Becoming more productive by employing different techniques

Introduction to Contour Drawing:

  • Fundamental information for constructing diverse types of artwork.
  • The base of different drawing styles and techniques.
  • Understanding the role of forms, shapes, and objects

Theory of light, shadow, and texture:

  • Value
  • Negative and  positive forms
  • Visual texture

Introduction to perspective and composition:

  • Space
  • Simple overlapping shapes
  • Perspective with one, two or three vanishing points
  • Aerial perspective

Painting sessions

Introduction to watercolors, acrylics and oil paints

  • Painting supplies
  • Set up palette

Basic colors:

  • Theory of colors
  • Color mix
  • Shades of color

Paint application:

  • Basic brushstroke technique.
  • Applying paint to a surface with a pallet knife.
  • Physical texture.



Profile of the teacher:
Coming from a multicultural Slavic ethnicity, Oksana Oubari was bathed in different forms of arts since her early years. She completed her studies at the Donetsk School of Arts then traveled to Russia to refine her skills attending a multitude of classes in diverse plastic arts disciplines before landing 13 years ago in Lebanon where she actually lives with her husband and kids.

A dedicated mother, she kept on working and improving her skills while raising her 2 boys. Oksana is fluent in English/French/Russian & Ukrainian.

Her teaching career started 6 years ago, in both group classes and private lessons for kids and adults aged from 5 to 77.

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