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Email Writing Class


Do you waste time drafting professional emails?

Are you not sure how to start or end an email?

Would you like to be more confident when sending professional emails?

Then the Email Writing course at Skillz is just for you.

Under the guidance of an experienced teacher, you will learn how to be professional in all your business communication. The course will give you a refresher on basic writing concepts, an overview of the most common business documents and supply you with many templates you can fall back on.

The course is an interactive class full of practical exercises where you will learn how to provide clear information, use positive and negative language politely and avoid outdated expressions.

In the Email Writing course you will:

  • Gain better awareness of common spelling and grammar issues in business writing.
  • Review basic concepts in sentence and paragraph construction.
  • Learn the basic structure of email messages.
  • Practice all elements required in email writing
  • Write different professional emails in class and workshop them together
  • Discover the importance of peer review
  • Become a confident and professional email writer


Our level test will measure your knowledge of the English language and help us place you in the right class.

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Our free downloads include a set of usefull resources.

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Course Registration

Phone: (+961) 70-948 720 or 81-692 992


Start: TBC

Time: Flexible

Size: Private sessions online

Notes: You can work with the teacher on your required email writing at work.


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