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Microsoft Word for report writing


During this training, you will discover how to use Microsoft Word 2016 features to give business proposals, technical reports, and other long documents a compelling format.

You will start by creating a master document and set up an effective structure with outlines, then you will learn how to add reference items such as cross-references, footnotes, and indexes to guide readers through your work, and demonstrates smart ways to use captions and citations, in addition to number chapters, sections, and pages; insert headers and footers.

Below the detailed outlines of the training:

  • Structure your document
    • Outline your document
    • Create a master document
  • Work with Bookmarks and References
    • Create and use a bookmark
    • Insert a cross-reference
    • Create a footnote or endnote
  • Add and Use captions
    • Caption a picture, table, or chart
    • Create a table of authorities
  • Research and Create Citations
    • Use Smart  lookup to check a definition
    • Insert a citation
    • Manage and modify citations
    • Manage sources
    • Find and save sources using the researcher
    • Create a bibliography or works cited section
  • Create a table of contents and Index
    • Create a table of contents
    • Make and entry for the Index
    • Compile your index
    • Create an index with an index file
  • Number of Chapters, Sections, and Pages
    • Numbering chapters and sections
    • Format headings for page breaks
    • Insert section breaks
    • Add page numbers
  • Add Headers and Footers
    • Insert Headers, footers, and watermarks
    • Use fields in headers and footers
    • Customize headers and footers
  • Finishing touches
    • Add a cover page
    • Choose a theme and proof your pages
    • Update fields and other content
    • Compress images
    • Save a long document as a PDF


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Phone: (+961) 70-948 720 or 81-692 992


Start: TBC

Time: Flexible

Size: Private sessions online


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