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The Art of Speaking


Good communication is never easy, but it can be perfect!


Putting in the constructive time to prepare for a public speaking event online or in person will allow you to deliver an interesting presentation, or host a successful webinar.

Learn how to refine your art of speaking, understand how the tone of voice can change everything and then practice the skill of persuasive communication and you will master successful and positive communication each and every time.


There are 4 strategies to follow:

1- Identify Your Audience. It Is About Them, Not You!
Before drafting any outlines, take the time to discover who will be your audience. It will help you choose your words, tone of voice, level of details in order to connect and have an impact.

We can teach you how analyze your audience!


2- Prepare Your Presentation but…. Don’t Bore Your Audience!
How to catch your audience’s attention?

  • Open with an exciting story or a quote
  • Inject humor in your presentation
  • Ask questions
  • Use Audiovisuals and Tables/Charts
  • Conclude with a summary and a memorable strong statement

 Our trainers will happily share with you their expertise!


3- Anxiety and Stress Is Normal. Prepare and Practice!
Anxiety and stress are good!

Adrenaline makes you more alert and will help you to give your best performance.

Mastering the fear of public speaking is a great confidence booster and a huge benefit to your career.

The best way to overcome anxiety is to prepare, prepare, and prepare some more.

Go over your notes, activities, questions, visuals, then videotape yourself, and get a friend’s feedback.

You will enjoy our workshop activities!

4- Adapt Following Your Audience Feedback. And Be yourself!
Focus on your audience and be flexible to adjust your style if necessary.

Too much of a monotone monologue will guarantee a bored audience, especially online!

Your tone of voice is even more important online and is the key to holding your audience’s attention.

Let your personality shine through. Your audience will trust what you have to say if they can see you as a real person and relate to you.

Learn to deliver your presentation with clear and effective communication!



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