Skillz is a modern
“state of the art”
center located in a
charming French-colonial building in the heart of Gemmayzé

intro about us
intro about us

Skillz opened its doors in February 2013 and is owned and managed by Hélène de Ridder and Yoka Nassar.

We offer a variety of educational programs and workshops, and host meetings, private gatherings and cultural events.

Skillz's mission is to make learning an enjoyable activity in an intellectually stimulating environment, and empower individuals of all ages to pursue and achieve their personal educational goals.

We employ a team of competent teachers and trainers who encourage you to become an active learner and develop habits that will turn you into lifelong learners.

At Skillz, we believe in Cooperative Learning. Cooperative learning happens when individuals are actively engaged in their learning process and work in a team with their teacher to accomplish a shared goal.

Too often learning is a solitary process and another of our aims is to make a difference in the way learning takes place.

“One is never too old to learn” is another of our beliefs, which is why we have opened the doors of Skillz to senior citizens.
Our oldest student to date, Truus (83), who enrolled in our iPad course, is now very comfortable with her iPad and is totally up to date.


Owners & Managers

Committed to deliver the highest possible quality in order to meet
ultimate customer satisfaction.

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Hélène de Ridder

Owner & Manager

Hélène de Ridder is a Dutch National, who obtained her BA in Business and Marketing from the Amsterdam School of Business.

Hélène worked more than 10 years for British Telecom in Paris and Amsterdam. As Operations Manager and Senior Customer Service Manager, she was responsible for managing the Service Contracts for BT's key global customers.

She has extensive experience in customer service and managing customer expectations and satisfaction.
Hélène operated in an international environment and is used to dealing with rapid change through her experience in the quick moving telecommunications market.

Hélène’s flexibility and open-mindedness made her the ideal person to handle different nationalities and international customers.

She is committed to deliver the highest possible quality in order to meet ultimate customer satisfaction

Latest News

Yoka Nassar

Owner & Manager

Yoka Nassar is a Dutch National, who obtained her MA in English Literature from the American University of Beirut in 2013

Yoka lived in Ibadan, Nigeria for 15 years and in London, UK for 2 years and has extensive experience in handling the unexpected…

She moved to Lebanon in 1999.

Yoka has a Teaching Diploma and has taught English Literature in Broumana High School where she prepared students for the IGCSE and A-level English Literature exams.