About Skillz MENA

Skillz has a wide-ranging experience since 2013, liaising with more than 11 NGOs, 22 professional organizations, 16 schools and most of all more than 400 individual learners. At Skillz, every package we put together is perfectly adapted to the demands of our learners. Students leave Skillz not only educated, but also empowered to meet their professional responsibilities. Skillz combines creativity and interaction within the learning process to engage students. These two elements are the pillars of success for students, intrinsic motivation and problem solving empower students to achieve excellence. Our trainers are facilitators in the learning process. Their main mission is to encourage students to be active learners and help them develop habits that will make them lifelong learners, all the while fostering confidence in their own capabilities



An Empowering Mission

We work hard to provide high quality virtual and on-site interactive classes in a motivating setting to empower individuals to pursue and achieve their personal goals.



An Inspiring Vision

Our ultimate aim is to deliver valuable classes within the MENA region through online platforms or on-site in order to build a network of lifelong learners with Skillz.



Our Core Values

Transparency: One of our top values is to always be transparent with all the students, trainees, teachers, colleagues, and everyone cooperating with Skillz Mena.

Professionalism: We maintain a level of professionalism at all times as it is an integral part of who we are as an academic center.

Receptiveness: We make sure to remain open to new collaborations and ideas that can spread knowledge among others in our societies.

Interaction: Our classes are based on the foundation of interaction and creating engagement between the students and the teacher in order to have a comfortable and understanding learning environment.

Passion: Here, we do every little thing with passion. Every single member at Skillz is passionate about what they teach and how they give their knowledge to their students.

Growth: Learning is working on creating a better tomorrow and watering the educated people of the future. Education is always key. At Skillz, we focus on education and on growth to draw the image of what a successful culture looks like.



The Team Behind the Brains of Skillz

Our team at Skillz MENA is a group of highly qualified professionals who share a vision to become the online educators in the MENA region.

Our visionary management style inspires everyone at Skillz MENA. Through democratic decision making we ensure diversity of ideas enabling us to keep growing and achieving optimal team performance.



Johanna Elisabeth van der Hoek - Nassar

Managing Partner

Yoka Nassar obtained her MA in English Literature from the American University of Beirut in 2013

She has a Teaching Diploma and has earlier taught English Literature in which she prepared students for the IGCSE and A-level English Literature exams.
Yoka sets strategic goals and objectives, supervises daily activities, monitors performance, and drives business growth. She guides Skillz's  team to aim at organizational goals and objectives and successfully achieve them. 



Helene de Ridder

Managing Partner

Helene obtained her BA in Business and Marketing from the Amsterdam School of Business.

Helene has worked for more than 10 years for British Telecom in Paris and Amsterdam. 
As Senior Customer Service Manager, she is responsible for managing the Service Contracts for the key global customers.
She is committed to delivering the best possible quality in order to meet ultimate customer satisfaction. 



Randa El Souki

General Manager

Randa is a PMI-Authorized instructor with over 20 years of experience ,10 of which are in project management roles including agile practices. She has been a trainer, training coordinator, and data manager for several education projects in different roles.

As a General Manager / Project Manager, she is managing the initiating, planning, screening workflow, team management and stakeholder engagement management. She assesses gaps, creates and enforces policies, monitors and evaluates the efficiency of resources and assets used.



Pascale Mezher

Operations Manager

Pascale has worked for more than 10 years for training centers in Lebanon. Her flexibility and open-mindedness made her the ideal person to handle different nationalities and international customers.

She is a vital part of Skillz's management team and oversees high-level HR duties. She sets training standards and hiring procedures. She analyzes and improves organizational processes, and works to improve quality, productivity, and efficiency.



Farah Abu Ghanem

Project Coordinator

Farah is a certified English instructor. She obtained her certification from the International TEFL Training Institute in New York. She has been teaching the English language for over 9 years to students of different levels. She prepares unified lesson plans for all the English classes, follows up with the teachers and thrives to grow with Skillz. 



Joanna Tabet

Administrative Assistant

Joanna holds a bachelor degree in management, she has worked for 8 years as Executive Assistant.

She is committed to assist the students’ daily requests, and maintain excellent business relationships with both internal and external customers.
Her motto in life is: "Do more of what makes you happy, life is short, time is fast, so enjoy every moment as it comes."