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Crisis Management


No pre-requisite required

Suitable for individuals or group work

Duration: 8 -12 hours


Internal risks occur inside of the company property or during company hours involving an employee and their duties. 

The internal risks to crisis are many. 

Triggers can occur outside of the workplace, resulting in a reaction or escalation within the company.  Vendors, employees, customers, all these people could pose a risk for committing an act of violence inside of the company or on its property. Internal risks are not always a violent act such as an assault, it could also come in the form of threatening emails, unwanted deliveries, etc

Another source of internal risk for violence, is the company and its management.  Understaffed sites, poorly managed departments are another risk that could trigger an escalation to violence.  High turnover rates, under equipped areas, and poorly organized departments can be a source of stress that could be addressed before an event does occur.

A company that anticipates a crisis, and prepares for such an event, is better able to avoid negative situations completely, or, if the situation occurs, better manage the crisis.

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