Skillz is familiar with the admission tests employed by most of the universities (NDU, USJ, LU, AUST, AOU,…).

  • IELTS academic test preparation
  • EEE test preparation
  • French Proficiency test
  • Medical faculty aptitude test (English/French)
  • Engineering faculty aptitude test (English/French)
  • IT faculty aptitude test (English/French)
  • Translation faculty aptitude test (English/French)

To pass an admission test, a student needs a lot of practice but will also need to learn tips and strategies.

Skillz provides admission test preparations to students, where the students will:

  • Create a practical study plan
  • Learn to assess their strengths and weaknesses
  • Replace reference books by more practice
  • Discover the right techniques of tackling reading questions
  • Sit a mock exam
  • Analyze the results of the mock exam
  • Practice further the parts that need extra revision
  • Use Skillz’ cheat sheet to revise right before the exam