Microsoft Word for report writing


Microsoft Word for report writing

During this training, you will discover how to use Microsoft Word 2016 features to give business proposals, technical reports, and other long documents a compelling format.

You will start by creating a master document and set up an effective structure with outlines, then you will learn how to add reference items such as cross-references, footnotes, and indexes to guide readers through your work, and demonstrates smart ways to use captions and citations, in addition to number chapters, sections, and pages; insert headers and footers.

Below the detailed outlines of the training:

  • Structure your document
    • Outline your document
    • Create a master document
  • Work with Bookmarks and References
    • Create and use a bookmark
    • Insert a cross-reference
    • Create a footnote or endnote
  • Add and Use captions
    • Caption a picture, table, or chart
    • Create a table of authorities
  • Research and Create Citations
    • Use Smart  lookup to check a definition
    • Insert a citation
    • Manage and modify citations
    • Manage sources
    • Find and save sources using the researcher
    • Create a bibliography or works cited section
  • Create a table of contents and Index
    • Create a table of contents
    • Make and entry for the Index
    • Compile your index
    • Create an index with an index file
  • Number of Chapters, Sections, and Pages
    • Numbering chapters and sections
    • Format headings for page breaks
    • Insert section breaks
    • Add page numbers
  • Add Headers and Footers
    • Insert Headers, footers, and watermarks
    • Use fields in headers and footers
    • Customize headers and footers
  • Finishing touches
    • Add a cover page
    • Choose a theme and proof your pages
    • Update fields and other content
    • Compress images
    • Save a long document as a PDF

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