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Infographic - visualizing your reports and presentations


Amplify Your Report or Presentation With High Impact Visual Content

Effective infographics are composed of few different characteristics. They're well planned, they tell a good story, and also, they are well chosen.

Infographics give you a visual aspect of content in a manner that is easy and graphical.


3-step process to create an Infographic

1. Define the infographic

  • Understand what is an infographic: Is it a chart? diagram? combination of both? Is it a report?
  • Clarify why are you using an infographic.
  • Choose which infographic type suits you best: informational, list, hierarchical, comparison, timeline, or process infographics.

2. Plan the content

  • Determine the medium
  • Identify the audience
  • Draw the design

3. Build the infographic

  • Define the subject and the highlights of the infographic
  • Collect the data and work on the visualization
  • Write your story


Join the "Infographic - A Visual Story Telling" workshop to know more about:

  • 5C's infographic design framework
  • the 3-key consideration before designing an infographic
  • The 3 main design elements
  • and much more

Workshops Location

Phone: (+961) 70-948 720 or 81-692 992

Email: skillz@skillzbeirut.com

Start: TBC

Notes: Digital certificate of participation is included

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