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Are you planning to do business online?



Here are some interesting facts that you should know (Reference: AdEspresso by Hootsuite)

  1. 1- There are 1.82 billion daily active users on Instagram/Facebook, as of 2020, and over 2.7 billion monthly active users.
  2. 2- Approximately 74% of users visit the site at least once daily.
  3. 3- People spend an average of 38 minutes per day on Instagram/Facebook.
  4. 4- More than 500 million daily Stories viewers.
  5. 5- An average of 5 comments, 12 post likes, 1 share, and 1 Page like in October 2020 are made.
  6. 6- The average engagement rate for Pages with fewer than 10,000 fans is about .52%, but as you gain more fans, the average decreases.
  7. 7- WhatsApp, Instagram and Facebook Messenger are the most popular Messenger apps all over the world.


Feature your business online with these 8 tips:

  1. 1- Start a habit of posting about your business. Create posts about your products regularly to grow your followers.
  2. 2- Reveal the process behind the scenes. Take photos and/or videos that show the work happening behind the scenes
  3. 3- Show all aspects of your services. Display all the options, so followers can have a selection to choose from.
  4. 4- Create story highlights for your different products. Save your stories by adding them to highlights. Don’t forget to categorize your highlights!
  5. 5- Use a backdrop. Offer your followers a free sneak peek of your service.
  6. 6- Share photos and videos that your customers have posted, but remember to ask for their permission.
  7. 7- Create tutorials, and a step by step guide that can be a support for your followers. What not using IGTV?!
  8. 8- Encourage interaction to build confidence. Use question sticker in your stories and learn more about your followers.


Now it is time to create your posts, videos, tutorials and stories using Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator and After Effects.


Adobe Photoshop


  • Learn how to create outstanding posts by combining photos, texts, and artwork for your Instagram, Facebook and other social media posts.


  • Master the “Layers” panel, and learn how to organize your Photoshop graphics
  • Use typography and effects to make your social media post stand out
  • Retouch photos
  • Add text
  • Blend objects
  • Learn to save posts specifically for web


Adobe Illustrator


  • Learn how to create beautiful graphics that will help turn your online presence into something truly remarkable.


  • Create eye-catching designs for Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram (and other platforms) that help you get noticed online
  • Save time and money by designing your own (mobile-friendly) graphics using completely free online tools
  • Learn advanced skills like creating moving GIFs
  • Design vector graphics
  • Creating eBooks


Adobe After Effects


  • Learn to edit your social media videos and get your audience engaged.


  • Be able to edit a video from scratch
  • Add music, motion graphics, and visual effects to videos

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