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Math Support


Our Math support classes are given online, offering the best assistance to students. Previous exams are used and students are encouraged to bring old school exams to practice from. 

IB Math SL/HL are some of the most difficult subjects in the IB program and it is no surprise that students need extra support.

We can also provide feedback and reviews of past Math exams.

Skillz helps:

  • Students struggling with Math concepts covered in school and needed for official exams
  • Students preparing for IB Math SL/HL
  • Bac Français students grappling with “Analyse”, or “Probabilites et Statistiques”
  • Engineering students
  • Students preparing their final year project who are having difficulty completing the statistical analysis
  • Students facing a numeracy test at an interview

Math can be daunting, it is a subject that needs a thorough understanding and a lot of practice.

Sometimes going back to basics and filling in gaps will help in understanding the different Math concepts and restore self-confidence. Students can then face their exams with reduced stress, remain focused during the exam, and increase their chances of a high score.

Classes Location

Phone: (+961) 70-948 720 or 81-692 992


Start: TBC

Time: Flexible

Size: Private online sessions

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