Adobe for Social Media Marketing


Create Social Media posts using:

Adobe Photoshop:

Learn how to combine a photo, text, and artwork in Photoshop for your Facebook, Instagram, and other social media posts. Use these skills to build your own social media images or any design you create in Photoshop.

By booking the private online session, students will:

  • Master the layers panel, and how to organize your Photoshop graphics
  • Use creative image using typography and effects to make your social media post stand out
  • Retouch photos, add text, blend objects
  • Learn to save posts specifically for web

Adobe Illustrator:

Learn how to create beautiful graphics that will help turn your online presence into something truly remarkable.

By booking the private online session, students will:

  • Create eye-catching designs for Facebook, Pinterest, YouTube, Instagram (and other platforms) that help you get noticed online
  • Save time and money by designing your own (mobile-friendly) graphics using completely free online tools
  • Learn advanced skills like creating moving GIFs, designing vector graphics and creating eBooks

Adobe After Effects:

Learn what you need to know to edit your social media videos and get your audience engaged.

This course is for you if you just want to be able to do the work yourself and you don't aim to be an expert in software or in editing. The course is simple and easy to follow, so you can go right to the point and learn the essentials in a short time.

By booking the private online session, students will:

  • Be able to edit a video from scratch
  • Add music, motion graphics, and visual effects.


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Time: Flexible

Price: 100.000 LBP/hour

Size: Private sessions online

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