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"69 minutes"


“69 minutes” is a sparkling journey through senses!

Explore new ways of thinking, discover, have fun, build up your creative skills, build up your confidence!

This workshop is addressed to people who love to :
 Look beyond the obvious
 Challenge their way of thinking
 Find the marvelous in the mundane
 Find inspiration in unlikely places

Senses exists everywhere, especially in those small daily simple acts. Nowadays hectic rhythm, have made those small things forgotten.

To be more specific: the PLEASURE of small things. Life without pleasure is dull like a lemon without a zest!

Design is an innovation process to explore in every field, searching for new ways to look at things and to create new solutions that respond creatively to a matter and BEST when it involves the five senses.
Awakening people senses through designing events that help them communicate with a product, a service or even to highlight on a cause, is my mission!

Coming from an interior architecture background from the Lebanese University of fine arts, dipped in a food design discipline from Brussels, Royal art academy, the sensorial design starts from an external space to finish in an internal one, inviting people to interact, explore with their senses, enjoy, have fun and learn.

Interior Architect/ food designer

Workshops Location

Phone: 01-584234

Email: skillz@skillzbeirut.com

Start: June 20, 2018

Time: From 7:00 PM to 8:09 PM

Price: $35

Size: Max 12 participants

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