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Smart Phone class


Skillz is pleased to offer you a class, unique of its kind. Our aim is to help you use your smart phone smartly and with ease.  This class will help you overcome all the struggles that you encounter with the different options on your phone.  Aren’t there many applications on your phone that you have never discovered? Aren’t there applications that you don’t use well?

Skillz has a solution for you.

It is our “Smart Phone Class!”


Sign up parents, aunts or friends who are in need of learning how to use their phone with ease. The participants in this class will learn a plethora of skills like adding, deleting, and editing contacts, editing and sending photos, trimming videos, learning about privacy settings, using the different social media platforms such Facebook and Instagram, and using Google Drive.

Participants shouldn’t worry about their privacy and phone security while attending our sessions. Their phones will be ultimately protected!


Classes will be offered over four Tuesdays, during February, from 11:30 AM till 1:30 PM in the comfort of Skillz. While having coffee, tea, and biscuits, you will learn about all the possibilities on your phone.

  • An optional 5th review Tuesday is available for free, this session is an open session in order to ask questions
  • Please find below the subjects covered in the Smart Phone class:


  • Adding
  • Deleting
  • Editing
  • Blocking and unblocking


  • Privacy
  • Add and delete chats
  • Share location or contact
  • Send photos, videos and stickers
  • Block  and unblock contacts
  • Video calling
  • Creating groups
  • Status and About/ Stories



  • Editing photos
  • Creating albums
  • Deleting WhatsApp photos or choosing not to save them on your phone
  • Sending and sharing photos
  • Trimming videos

Available applications in Beirut

  •  Zomato
  • Google Driver
  • Uber


  • Creating Facebook page
  • Privacy settings
  • Messenger
  • Share posts, photos, and videos
  • Choosing who can see your posts
  • Managing your photos and albums
  • Link between Instagram and Facebook
  • Following pages of interest
  • Adding, deleting and blocking or unblocking friends
  • Sending friend request



  • Creating account
  • Adding and managing photos and videos
  • Editing photos
  • Privacy settings
  • Story
  • Following celebrities
  • Looking up pages of interest
  • Blocking/unblocking  contacts


  • Learn if someone is monitoring or can have access to your phone
  • Protect your mobile from viruses



Classes Location

Phone: 01-584234


Start: February 19, 2019

End: March 19, 2019

Time: From 11:30 AM till 1:30 PM

Price: $135

Size: Maximum 7 people

Notes: Private sessions are available

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