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How to Raise a Positive Child


Today, in this modern day and age raising a child is not as easy as most people think. 
Whatever we say or do affects our child’s behaviour and attitude, which
they carry as they grow to adults. 

Fredrick Douglass quoted once, “It is easier to build strong children than
to repair broken men.”

Take a pause and think of the following questions:
Whenever your child misbehaves, how do YOU feel? What do YOU usually do? Moreover, what does YOUR CHILD do in response?

What is unique about the workshop?
“How to raise a positive child through positive parenting” is a workshop
hosted by the positive psychology coach Milad Hadchiti who will go
through new approaches of parenting for positive children where you will
be able to learn how to deal with your feelings, beliefs and control your
actions in order to influence your child's positive behaviour. You will also
understand the difference between praise and encouragement as well as
learn how to listen, which not only works with your children but with
anyone because when someone is "heard" it can change how they feel and

The Workshop will cover the following topics:
• Raise happy and confident kids
• Understand the meaning of positive discipline 
• Discover the uniqueness of every child and their primary goal
• Manage misbehaviour so everyone in the family enjoys life more
• Set rules and routines that everyone respects and follows
• Take care of yourself as a parent
• Feel confident you’re doing the right thing
• Learn more about a child’s behaviour 
• Make sure the message of love gets through

Who can attend?
• Professionals who work with parents and children.
• Parent educators
• Parents requiring intensive training in positive parenting
• All parents interested in promoting their child’s development
• Parents with specific concerns about their child’s behaviour or
• Parents at risk of maltreating their children


Profile of the trainer:

MILAD HADCHITY Positive Psychology and Executive coach. 
Milad Hadchiti is people-oriented and has a passion for human potential. Through his 20 years of work as a radio and TV host, Milad has developed a deep interest in the fields of Positive Psychology, coaching psychology and self-development. 
He is the founder of HUMANSHIP, a nonprofit organization and a resource network for positive psychology in Lebanon, and NEC PLUS ULTRA, a self-development firm which serves to spread positivity by engaging in specialised training. These trainings are customised to the needs and demands of the customers and their environment. 
Furthermore, he has combined these passions to help people build their own image and be their own brand. Today his name is related to every possible aspect of positive coaching, brand empowerment, personal branding, life coaching and assessment. 
Milad Hadchiti holds a Master of applied positive psychology and coaching psychology from East London University and a Bachelor degree in Radio and Tv from Lebanese University.  
He is a certified Image Consultant from the Association of Image Consultant International (AICI)and a Licensed NLP Master from the Society of NLP- Dr Richard Bandler. 
Dubbed the “positivity guru”, Milad spreads positivity through his workshops and the media. He runs seminars on positive leadership and communication. He is the author of the best-selling book“365 for a Positive Life”, a daily guide to adopting a positive mindset. 
Recently, he produced a show entitled “Sar Wa2ta”, which embarks on the idea of spreading positivity. The content of the show includes techniques and guides on how to achieve positivity, as well as empowerment stories from guest stars.  

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