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Communication Essentials for Teenagers


High grades are important but they are not the only way to succeed in life. Communication and people’s skills have been proven to get you somewhere in life. How about giving yourself a competitive advantage to speak up and attract people? Why not invest some of your time this summer holiday and stand out amongst the crowd?
This workshop helps young students build self-confidence, improve their communication, and develop skills in self-directed public speaking. All this will benefit students for their end of year presentations and interviews for scholarships or college placement.

The Communication Essentials workshop teaches participants to:
- Become inspiring speakers
- Learn how to present with confidence and charisma in front of an audience
- Tackle important interviews
- Have postive body language
- Engage with the audience

The 6 hours course includes:
- The basic elements of good communication skills
- The steps to take in order to prepare a good presentation
- How to speak and present in a favorable manner
- A practical guide on how to speak with intent and confidence

 * All high school students (16 to 18 years old) are highly encouraged to apply.

Call for registration: 01-584234

Limited places!

Profile of the Trainer:
Rana holds a MS in Professional Counseling from Georgia State University and is PMP certified. Born in Lebanon, raised in Australia, and trained in the U.S., she worked as an independent trainer, a psychotherapist and education management at AMIDEAST.

She is currently the Senior Counselor and Coordinator for Student Services at the Lebanese American University. Rana has worked in multicultural environments and has the ability to adapt in diverse organizational structure. She has also conducted numerous workshops to teenagers and young adults, with a focus on “branding yourself,” setting up personal, professional goals and effective career planning, and Emotional Intelligence.

Through her experience and education, Rana has developed extensive knowledge on the complexities of human relations, and has used her skills and techniques to enhance intrapersonal engagement and interpersonal relationships, both in the work environment and beyond.