Arabic Language


As the official language of Lebanon, the Arabic language plays a large role in day to day life here.


Although having the ability to speak or write Arabic is far from essential for non-native speakers of the language, it could really set you apart from others.

As with all languages, there are many dialects, but the most common one in the region is Arabic Fossha. Skillz will support Arabic language students to master the language.


By booking the 100 minutes’ session, students will:

  • Learn more essential grammar, usages, expression, time and sentences used in day to day conversations
  • Verbs, conjugation, expressions
  • Make sentences and practice using essential grammar
  • Learn and practice time
  • Have more conversations
  • Ask questions for the day to day needs
  • Answer questions in different situations

Classes Location

Phone: 01-584234


Start: TBC

Time: Flexible

Price: 100 minutes for 100,000 LBP

Size: Private sessions

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